FS: Tube Power Supplies

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun May 6 22:25:12 EDT 2007

FOR SALE: Power Supplies

I had thought I was going to use these in some projects last year, 
but eventually made other plans  - so they are both being sold now:

1) Nice homebrew tube tuype power supply - 120V AC primary.
Outputs: 400V DC at 250 mA
Also has 6.3V AC at 3A, 5V at 1A
Uses an excellent Thordarson upright power transformer with 
gray end bells. Also included are some large dropping and 
bleeder resistors, on/off switch, fuse etc.
Has a 5U4GB rectifier tube and a large Thordarson choke.
The filter capacitor needs to be mounted (FP Tab type)
Dual 40 uF at 450WV DC rating.
Otherwise it is all complete and is in working condition.

Power transformer is about 50% larger than the ones in the 
Heath power supplies, so no doubt this is good for 100-200 watts.
Dropping resistor taps marked for other outputs of: 
300V DC, 180V DC, 135V DC, 75V DC - but these may still 
need to be connected.

Available for $36.00 plus shipping.

2) G.E. Commercial Plate supply Model 4EPGB1
Output 3400V DC at up to 1 amp ICAS. Has 120V AC primary.
This is a heavy AC supply built for continuous duty 
FM Service. Will deliver the goods for a QRO linear amplifier 
in AM, CW, FM or SSB amateur service.
Large SNC type P5789 plate transformer with bridge rectifiers
produces 2500V AC at 1 Amp. and is made in Oshkosh, WI.
Has large filter choke model P5060. Filter capacitors were 
mounted externally and are not included.
Dimensions: 19" X 7" standard rack mounting space by 8" deep.

Available for $145.00 plus shipping

73 - Brian, AF4K

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