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Fred Olsen fwolsen at WI.RR.COM
Mon May 14 11:29:30 EDT 2007

Please excuse the OT but I believe this might be of interest to those
who own and use Triplett instruments.

As of January 2007 Jewell Instruments, LLC, acquired "certain assets of
Triplett Corporation including Triplett Panel Meters, Triplett Analog &
Digital Test Equipment, as well as the rights to the Triplett brand
name."  Jewell already owns Modutec, Emico and A&M Instruments.

By the time you read this there is little left of the Triplett
Corporation, in business since 1904.  Manufacturing in Bluffton, OH, has
been closed and moved to Barbados for panel meters and to China for test
equipment.  The corporate remains will be headquartered at Jewell in New
Hampshire.  A few Triplett employees will remain in the Engineering
Department in Ohio and some others will remain with LFE.  LFE/API
Instruments was acquired by Triplett in 1997 and is now being spun off

Most of the familiar test instruments will be changed in various ways to
accommodate being manufactured in China.  The 310 compact VOM has been
made in China since the first of the year.  The case parts and meter
movement have been changed and are not compatible with existing units.
The 630 and 60 series VOMs are also being changed and various parts will
not be backward compatible.  Several of the existing model variations
have already become unavailable.

It is expected that once parts are gone for existing units of prior U.S.
production there will be no more parts support available.  It is
expected that there will be no parts or service support available for
the new production units.  They will be exchanged if within warranty and
unsupported thereafter.

It is expected that new products will continue to be introduced under
the Triplett name.  Some will be Triplett designs and some will be
re-branded products of other manufacturers.  Several new designs have
been on hold due to the sale but are likely to continue into production.
  New products will be produced off-shore.  The analog VOM lines will
likely be phased out as demand reduces.

The future of the considerable number of manuals available on Triplett's
web site is uncertain.  There were hundreds more manuals available, both
early and late, which had not yet been posted.  Their future
availability has not been established.  Jewell now controls the site and
it is presently unknown if they will continue to provide support for
this information.  Triplett has a long tradition of providing excellent
support, including copies or electronic files of technical data at
little or usually no cost.

I consider this information to be as accurate as possible given that the
company's situation has changed rapidly and drastically.  It is from an
unimpeachable source and is presented with permission.  I have no fiscal
interest in Triplett or Jewell.

Fred Olsen
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