Ron Lawrence KC4YOY kc4yoy at CAROLINA.RR.COM
Fri May 18 23:21:11 EDT 2007

Emil M Dular wrote:
> Don't let the guys on the "green" list know, but I have been smitten by
> TS-520S rescued from trash.  Looking for stuff to go with it. Primarily, the
> VFO and cable. It would make a neat looking rig to set up at work. Thanks
> for any leads.

I don't blame you, the 520S is a great rig.
I'm using one that was given to me by the son
of an old ham friend. It was bought new in 1979.

Running barefoot into a G5RV at about 45 feet I've talked all
over the world.

What in the world does anyone need a $10K rig for?

Ron kc4yoy

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