Another powerful transmitter

Joe Noecker jnoecker at MY180.NET
Tue May 22 07:51:42 EDT 2007

Check out Jim Creek.
Unfortunately, the only photos of the current transmitter station I 
could find on line are on a secure web site. I don't think this server 
will allow attachments, or I'd send along a photo of the transmitter.

Jim Creek transmits in the VLF range. The station regularly operates at 
1,000 kilowatts. It is able to transmit messages to submerged submarines.

By the way, if you've ever wished you had a bit more room to get that 
dipole antenna up, or wanted just a little more height, check this out.
"Of the ten antenna spans the longest was 8,700’ and the shortest was 
They were considered standing rigging (no moving parts)
and are designed to withstand 1” to 2” radial ice in a 65
mph gale. Sag in the spans varied from 495’ to 1,062’.
Although these spans have a calculated breaking strength
of 89,000 pounds, sufficient sag was allowed to maintain
the working load at less than 20,000 pounds normally and
at about 45,000 pounds when loaded with one-half inch
of ice and a wind pressure of 8 pounds/foot of projected
area of span cables."
quoted from the Navy-Marine Corps MARS Region Ten newsletter Fall-Winter 
2007 edition
Joe Noecker, K7FGN/NNN0FGN OR
Navy-Marine Corps MARS
Region Ten Assistant for Telecommunications (internet ops), NNN0AS0 Five,
Assistant to Chief MARS for Training, NNN0ASN

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