5881 Replacement for 6L6?

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Nov 5 19:52:57 EST 2007

The 5881 is definitely a replacement for the 6L6
series.  However, it does not have the metal housing
and therefore you might have to shield it in some

Glen, K9STH

--- kd4e <doc at KD4E.COM> wrote:

> Is it correct that the 5881 is shorter, more
> physically rugged,
> and more electrically rugged than the 6L6?
> Is it OK to sub the 5881 for the 6L6 in the
> modulator circuit
> of a Multi-Elmac AF-67?
> Since it is a mobile-portable rig a more rugged tube
> makes
> sense.  Is there a "gotcha" here that I am missing?
> I found this descriptive Tungsol text from 1950:
> "The 5881 carries ratings similar to the 6L6, except
> that the allowable 
> screen dissipation is 3.0 watts instead of 2.5 watts
> while the maximum 
> plate dissipation is 23 watts instead of 19 watts
> for the 6L6. The tube 
> has a low loss micanol base."

Glen, K9STH

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