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Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Nov 8 05:05:46 EST 2007

Have some radio fun this winter...


Hallicrafters Model HT-17 Transmitter.
Here is a really nice, and rare transmitter - Comes with 
two 5-pin, plug-in coils for 80m and 40m.
The HT-17 is a crystal controlled transmitter designed 
to operate from a 105-125 volt 50/60 cycle AC power 
The power input is 25 watts, on all bands from 3.5 to 30 
Tubes used are a 6V6 Crystal oscillator, an 807 power 
and a 5U4 rectifier. 

The transmitter comes with two different coils for 80m 
and 40m. Also has some crystals and an adapter 
which allows the use of smaller crystals.  The adapter 
is removable if you have the larger sized crystals. May 
need some minor repair. Top cover and dial pointer are 
sticking slightly. Comes with a copy of the manual.

Available for $135.00 plus shipping
= = =

National SW-54 Receiver.
5 Tube shortwave receiver has 12BA6, 12BE6, 12AV6, 
35Z5 and covers 540 kHz to 30 MHz. 
This 4 band hammertone gray SW radio is in nice 
and in very good working condition. It does have 
a little hum but that can easily be fixed. The case has 
no dents or dings, and the back is in great shape too. 
Built in PM speaker is working just fine. AC power cord 
is in excellent shape. Comes with a copy of the 
manual with schematic and alignment instructions etc. 

Available for $115.00 plus shipping.
= = =

Yaesu FRG7700 General Coverage Receiver.

Mint, collector quality example of this fine desktop 
receiver from Yaesu.
The Yaesu FRG-7700 is a multi-mode receiver covering 
150 kHz to 30 MHz in 1 MHz bands to include all 
medium wave (AM) and shortwave frequencies. 
Modes of reception include LSB/CW, USB, AM and FM. 
An analog dial supplements the 1 kHz yellow LED 
digital display. The built in clock-timer includes 
remote activation terminals on the rear panel. 
Convenience features include: Variable RF Attenuator, 
S-Meter, Dimmer, AGC Fast/Slow, Squelch, Tone 
and Noise Blanker. 
The rear panel has dual antenna inputs, remote timer 
activation jacks and speaker output. 

The receiver features many extra items such as tone 
control, switchable AGC, and a very nice sounding 
front speaker unit. 

This receiver has a high serial number - 21-200289

120V AC operation with a good, original AC cable. 
Comes with a copy of the manual.

This excellent receiver available for $300.00 plus 
= = =

Yaesu FRT-7700 Antenna Tuner. 
Mint, collector quality example of this rare antenna tuner 
Yaesu. It is the matching tuner for the FRG7700 

The Yaesu FRT-7700 Antenna Tuner covers the range 
150 kHz to 30 MHz in six bands. 
It features a variable gain control. The rear panel and 
two antenna inputs.  One is for wire antennas and one 
for coaxial fed antenna. There is a hardwired output 
to connect to the receiver.

Available for $150.00 plus shipping

Pictures and details:


73 - Brian, AF4K

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