Eugene Balinski eugeneb at NNI.COM
Thu Nov 8 17:43:32 EST 2007


   There has been a huge IPS server failure here on the
east coast.  Seems one company bought another and instead
of imaging the servers over the net to a new physical
location, the sent a truck to pick up the servers and move
them !  

Here is the news blurbfrom the WBZ Radio website 

" The botched migration of data centers by Navisite of
Andover knocked thousands of websites offline.  The
problems began this past weekend, as Navisite attempted to
merge data from hundreds of servers hosted by Alabanza of
Baltimore, which the Andover company bought this summer.
 Synchronization failures began after the servers were
physically moved to Andover, MA"

Gene K1NR

On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 08:57:27 -0500
 "Christian R. Fandt" <cfandt at NETSYNC.NET> wrote:
> Bry,
> Maybe Gene is having trouble with that ISP again like he
> had back in the Spring. You might recall back on the 16th
> of May he posted a message about that. A relevant portion
> of the message follows:
> > 
> Maybe he's working on resurrecting baswaplist on his
> backup ISP he mentioned. He's a lawyer so maybe he is
> holding foothill's feet to the fire, too, for not
> upholding their end of a contractual agreement to provide
> service upon payment by him. Or something....
> He feels baswaplist is a good tool for all of us who
> subscribe, so he'll eventually be back in some way.
> -Chris F.
> At 06:13 AM 11/8/2007, Bry Carling wrote:
> >Does anyone know what has happened to BASWAPLIST?
> >
> >You used to be able to subscribe via
> majordomo at
> >
> >Now it bounces...
> >
> >Bry
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