REDUCED Manuals: Heath, Swan, Kenwood etc.

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Nov 9 09:14:40 EST 2007

Original HAM RADIO Manuals REDUCED:

B&K, Heath, Kenwood, Swan etc.

Most of these are like new unless otherwise 

EACH ONE is now REDUCED to $4.00 unless otherwise 
Nominal shipping is additional.

Heathkit AD-1701 Graphic Output Indicator

Heathkit DF-2 Transistor Radio Navigator

Heathkit GW-30 Citizens Band Transceiver - $8.00

Heathkit ID-1041 High Voltage Probe - $3.00

Heathkit IG-5218 Audio Generator

Heathkit IM-105 VOM Multimeter

Heathkit IM-2202 Digital Multimeter

Heathkit IMA-4130-1 Power Converter

Heathkit IMA-4180-1 Battery Charger / Eliminator

Heathkit IN-47 Capacitor Substitution Box

Heathkit IN-34 Resistance Box

Heathkit IN-17 Decade Resistor

Heathkit IP-2718 Power supply

Heathkit IP-2728 15V Power Supply

Heathkit IP-28 Power Supply Condensed Manual (2)

Heathkit IP-5220 AC Power Supply (2) 

Heathkit IT-5230 CRT Tester / Rejuvenator (2)

Heathkit MP-10 Power Inverter

Heathkit SB-104 Manual - Missing Front Cover - 

Heathkit SB-104-2 Mobile Mount

Heathkit SB-220 Linear Amplifier Condensed - $9.00

Heathkit SB-634 Station Console - $12.00

Heathkit SB-644 VFO - $15.00

Heathkit SG-5240 Color Generator

Heathkit SM-21A VTVM

Heathkit SM-2400 Frequency Counter

Heathkit SP-2700 thru SP-2730 Power Supplies

Heathkit SW-717 Receiver (3) - $12.00

Heathkit TO-1 Test Oscillator

Heathkit VL-1180 VHF Amp - $8.00

Hickok Model 680 Calibrator

B&K Model 415 Sweep/Marker Generator
(includes PR-151 instructions)

B&K 530 Semiconductor Tester

B&K Model 1077 Television Analyst 

B&K Model 1474 Dual Trace Oscilloscope - sale 

Kenwood TS-820 Operators Manual - $20.00

Lampkin Brochures Set for 107C, 109,  205D, 303, 
(includes warranty papers, leasing form, credit 
application etc.
Also has sales and applications literature for 
107C and 205D.

Maxtronics TRI-POWER CB Linear Amplifier Kit (180 
watts p.e.p. 
from 3-30 MHz)

OptoElectronica FC-50C Frequency COunter

Precision Apparatus Model SP-5 Oscilloscope Test 
Probe Set

SENCORE VA48 TVR-VTR-MATV Video Analyzer and VCR 

Swan 350 C Operations and Maintenance - $16.00

Swan 500 Sales Brochure - $3.00

Swan 350 Operations copy and Modifications Notes - 

73 - Brian, AF4K

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