5881 Replacement for 6L6? - CORRECTION 6L6GB

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Nov 20 08:38:41 EST 2007

> Their is a big difference between the 6L6GC and the 5881 in the maximum 
> plate voltage. A 6L6GC has a max plate voltage rating of 500 volts and 
> the 5881 has a max plate voltage rating of 360 volts. If your guitar amp
> was designed for 6L6GC's, its no wonder it sounded terrible, not to 
> mention the abuse those tubes saw.

Abuse? I wouldn't call it that.... 
They were only in there for a few minutes at 475 V. 
Most tubes will easily withstand a little extra. Especally for 
a short  time like that. 
It is not totally uncommon, even for manufacturers to run 
tubes at a higher B voltage than their official max rating.

Some manufacturers wil rate their 5881s at 360 volts while 
others rate them at 350, 400V etc.

I will bet they usually do fine at 425V or 450V, but it would 
be silly to push them like that day in and day out.

I was referring to the sound quality rather than the reliability.

Doc was referring to substituting in the other direction, using a 
6L6GB in place of the 5881, which should do fine IF it sounds 

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