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Tue Nov 20 16:10:26 EST 2007

1.  I have a complete set of GE HAM NEWS with a few extra issues.  I also
have a complete index of all the issues.  If you are also collecting them
and need a filler let me know.  The list is located at
2.  My collection of RCA HAM TIPS is missing a lot of issues that I would
like to fill.  My goal is to have a complete printed set.  My initial
research indicates 1937 may have been the first year based on my having Vol
2, No 5 dated 1938.  Also, based on a comment I read from a Google page,
1972 may have been the last year.  I'd like to verify both dates.  If you
have any issues you do not want I'd like to get them.  I can offer cash,
trade or graciously accept freebies with full post credit.  If you have some
you want to keep but have a list with Vol, No, date, and lead article, I'd
like to get your list to update my master list. I also have a few extra
issues that are available.  If you need a filler let me know.  The list is
located at
Thanks in advance.
73, gary
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