Shipping older radios & insurance claims

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Nov 27 22:07:29 EST 2007

So it's only an antique if you decide to call it that.

If it's selling for an old radio price then that';s what it is.

Now if you sell a mint  Atwater Kent for $50,000 I suppose that 
would get you into the definate antique category.

Why is anyone saying that something is an "antique?"

> For what it's worth, this is from the FedEx "Service Guide"; (note item #4, 
> this is the one that, according to FedEx Claims, relates to vintage radios):
> ==========================================================
> Declared Value and Limits of Liability
>     6. Shipments (packages or freight) containing all or part of the 
> following items are limited to a maximum declared value of US$500:
>           1. Artwork, including any work created or developed by the 
> application of skill, taste or creative talent for sale, display or 
> collection. This includes, but is not limited to, items (and their parts) 
> such as paintings, drawings, vases, tapestries, limited-edition prints, 
> fine art, statuary, sculpture and collector's items.
>           2. Film, photographic images (including photographic negatives), 
> photographic chromes and photographic slides.
>           3. Any commodity that by its inherent nature is particularly 
> susceptible to damage or the market value of which is particularly variable 
> or difficult to ascertain.
>           4. Antiques, or any commodity that exhibits the style or fashion 
> of a past era and whose history, age or rarity contributes to its value. 
> These items include, but are not limited to, furniture, tableware and 
> glassware.
>           5. Glassware, including, but not limited to, signs, mirrors, 
> ceramics, porcelains, china, crystal, glass, framed glass, and any other 
> commodity with similarly fragile qualities.
>           6. Plasma screens.
>           7. Jewelry, including, but not limited to, costume jewelry, 
> watches and their parts, mount gems or stones (precious or semiprecious), 
> industrial diamonds, and jewelry made of precious metal.
>           8. Furs, including, but not limited to, fur clothing, fur-trimmed 
> clothing and fur pelts.
>           9. Precious metals, including, but not limited to, gold and 
> silver bullion or dust, precipitates, or platinum (except as an integral 
> part of electronic machinery).
>          10. Stocks, bonds, cash letters or cash equivalents, including, 
> but not limited to, food stamps, postage stamps (not collectible), 
> traveler's checks, lottery tickets, money orders, gift cards and gift 
> certificates, prepaid calling cards (excluding those that require a code 
> for activation), bond coupons, and bearer bonds.
>          11. Ostrich and emu eggs.
>          12. Collector's items such as sports cards, souvenirs and 
> memorabilia. (Collector's coins and stamps may not be shipped. See the 
> Prohibited Items section.)
>          13. Guitars and other musical instruments that are more than 20 
> years old, and customized or personalized musical instruments.
> ============================================
> For your reading pleasure, the whole thing is at:
> Again, for what it's worth, DHL has no such limits on vintage items, and 
> they tend to be one of the ones I use as a result.
> -Lin/KJ6EF
> ************************************************************************************
> At 06:58 PM 11/26/2007, you wrote:
> >As far as the disclaimer for unusual old and valuable items:  A couple of
> >posters made the comment that they accepted the higher premium for the
> >insurance.  However, I don't think that FedEx asks about nature of the
> >contents when insurance is purchased, but perhaps they should!  Could be
> >wrong about this, tho!
> >
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