Swan, Collins, etc FS

Rinkie & Ron Pollack rinkies at ROADRUNNER.COM
Wed Nov 28 23:59:18 EST 2007

Before being offered elsewhere, I've got a few things that should go:

Swine, (er....Swan)  500CX, 117 & 12 V supplies, Shure Hand mike, copy of
manual.  Came from estate, not tested.  The supply is not the one with a
speaker in it.  Has no model number, but has a Swan label on it.  Has hard
wired cable to xcvr.  12 V supply has no cable.  E mail with questions,
altho I don't know much about Swan stuff.  $175 plus shipping.

Manual for DRAKE MN7.  Not a mark, bend or tear on it.  Absolutely new.  $10

Manual for Collins 32S-1.  Has serial number neatly written on cover and a
couple of voltage readings neatly on schematic.  Otherwise no marks, rips or
tears.  $20 ppd.

Counter Mate Frequency Standard by Wenzel Associates.  With manual, like
new, working perfectly  This provides a precision 1 MHz and 10MHz standard
for calibrating frequency counters, (or QRMing WWV with an amp!).  New price
$350.  How 'bout $90 plus shipping.

Here's an "anti-boat anchor":  MFJ 9040 QRP 40 M transceiver with Curtis
keyer chip installed, including carry handle kit.  This unit appears brand
new in original box with manuals.  I listened to receiver, which is fine,
and tested transmitter into dummy load, and all works perfectly.  New $260
from MFJ.  I'd like about $160 plus shipping.

All offers considered.  Located So. Cal.

Ron K2RP

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