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Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Nov 30 21:30:52 EST 2007

I just noticed a box with one unwrapped and two still-MIL-wrapped clearly
heavy duty rotary solenoids. Cylindrical, measuring about 2 inches by 4
inches with a two pin MIL circ connector but no polarity markings at all.
Shaft comes out one end with a more-or-less 1 inch disc on the end,
effectively a keyed face by placing an ~ 5/16" keyway across that face.
REALLY heavy for its size, this looks VERY good to me-but.


I have no idea whether it was DC or AC. The MIL label only says SOLENOID
with various numbers etc. on the rest of the label. No hint about voltage or


I have not measured the internal resistance either-and will eventually. I
know I could just connect it up at LV DC and see what happens, but I'd
rather have some clues before trying that. I'd REALLY hate to burn it up to
find out. 


I figure w/o trying anything yet, that maybe it 'should' be 28VDC (being so
obviously MIL); and if I try that, and if reversing the polarity makes it
turn in the opposite direction, it probably IS DC. 


Anybody have any suggestions about how to garner some clues about
appropriate voltage and AC or DC besides this?


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