One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Tue Oct 9 12:32:25 EDT 2007

>> Doc writes:
>> It dimishes our wonderful hobby in the eyes of the non-Hams
>> reading that WSJ article to think that his exclusivistic
>> obsession with code represents our diverse hobby.

> Bry Carling wrote:
> Did the article SAY that he was representative of the majority 
> of hams?  Or even of a large proprtion of hamdom?
> Why does this subject get some people SO contentious?
> I don't get it!  It's not that big of a deal.

The fact that the article appeared in the WSJ *made* him
representative of amateur radio.  I know, it's a logical fallacy
to generalize from a single case to the entire set of some
class, but it is done all the time by the population of the US
from media presentations.  This is why the media is inherently

Jim, K7JEB

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