[FLBOATANCHORS] Re: [Allied] One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code

Wed Oct 10 07:36:01 EDT 2007

Just can't keep quiet here.

I feel that there is also nothing wrong with mandating that,  "if one 
wants to operate in the code band, one must pass a code test for that 
particular privilege." 

Many people just want to be able to say that they have "all ham 
privileges" and would go for it.  Then they may find that they like it.  
If the privilege of operating code is there without any code test, then 
there is much less encouragement to learn the code.

I may be wrong.  I may be a die hard.  However, I am not resisting 
change.  I just believe that if one wants to do code, it is best to be 
given an incentive to learn it and be tested on it.  The incentive is 
the added privileges and passing the test. (even if it is just 5 wpm)

Bob  W5UQ

kd4e wrote:
> Nothing wrong with using code, though it may be instructive
> that it required a government mandate to continue to be
> popular.  It is now on an equal plane with the other modes,
> a free versus a compelled choice. Freedom is good.
> Perhaps he should broaden his experiential horizons?
> He used to fly model rockets, why not try stuffing a
> tiny ATV camera into one and see what he can see?
> Or bounce signals off the moon and satellites?
> Or help with the all-RF HF E-mail project for post-
> disaster comms?
> Or one of the many many exciting avenues available to
> Hams.
> How sad when such a bright man cannot see beyond a
> single operating mode and would give up on a wonderful
> hobby when other Hams choose to be more versatile and
> creative rather than lock-down into a solitary mode.
>> This made the front page of the Wall Street Journal!
>> One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code
>> A great, in-depth article explaining the validity and 
>> the continuing importance CW!
>> You can view the article on line today at:
>> http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB119161604206850468.html

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