FS: Unbuilt Heathkits

paul hendershott pjhender2002 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Oct 14 23:19:13 EDT 2007

Here is a listing of everything for sale. If you buy all items listed I am offering a $350 Discount. All prices do not include shipping.

Heathkit SA-2550 Motorized Remote Antennas Tuner can handle 2KW and High SWR loads. Range is 160m -10m continuous! The kit includes a Remote Motorized Tuning unit w/ waterproofed enclosure and mounting hardware, a remote tuning unit for the shack including wall power adapter. Remarkable performance! Unbuilt New $525

Heathkit HW-9 Best Generation QRP Transceiver. Unbuilt New $675  See Link:
Heathkit HR-1680 80m-10m SSB/CW Transceiver - Excellent Receiver! 
Unbuilt New $655     See Link:
Heathkit SB-201 1KW Linear Amplifier  Similar to SB-200 Unbuilt New $845   See Link:   A real workhorse! 

Heathkit PS-23 Power Supply for HW-101, SB-100, & Many other HW series transceivers. Nearly Identical to HP-23B & HP-23C   Unbuilt New $195  Heathkit Model ET-3100 Electronic Design Experimenter   Unbuilt  New $125Heathkit Model HN-31A Cantenna 2KW Oil Filled Dummy Load   Unbuilt New $125Thanks! 
73 Paul 

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