UNBUILT Heathkit Ham Radio: Updated List

paul hendershott pjhend at AMERITECH.NET
Mon Oct 22 12:04:05 EDT 2007

These kits represent hours and hours of pure soldering pleasure! Re-Live the good-ole-days as the radio you worked on for days jumps to life and pulls in that 1st CQ call from the ether! There’s no other feeling like it at any price!
  UNBUILT Heathkit HW-9 Best Generation QRP Transceiver.  New $675 
  UNBUILT Heathkit HR-1680 80m-10m SSB/CW Receiver - Excellent Receiver! New $655    
  UNBUILT Heathkit PS-23 Power Supply for HW-101, SB-100, & many other HW series transceivers. nearly identical to HP-23B & HP-23C New $195 
  UNBUILT Heathkit Model ET-3100 Electronic Design Experimenter  New $125
  UNBUILT Heathkit Model HN-31A Cantenna 2KW Oil Filled Dummy Load New$125
  ***Military Special: U.S.S. Saratoga Collins Station CV-60 1958 - 1994  The Aircraft Carrier's vintage ham station where thousands of contacts and countless phone patches were made back to the states over 38 years! Station is a true 9+ and includes 75S-1, 32S-1, 30L-1 Amp, 312B-4 console/phone patch, & matching speaker. memorabilia included $4500 o.b.o. Own a classic piece of Ham Radio/Military History in perfect operating & pristine physical condition.
  prices do not include shipping/packing.
  73, Paul 

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