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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Sep 1 22:36:16 EDT 2007

Twas I who posted the Sherwin-Williams formula.  Now
what I posted was for an oil base paint.  However, it
takes WAY too long to dry for cabinets.  But, although
the formula is for oil base any Sherwin-Williams store
(and probably most other paint stores) can use this
formula for an acryllic paint which is water based and
will dry to the "touch" in just a few minutes.  You
need to wait about a day before actually putting the
unit back in the cabinet to allow the paint to harden

I use acryllic latex on all of the cabinets that I
paint these days.

The formula for 1 quart:

Ultradeep Base #6403-25775

BAC-Colorant    OZ    32    64    128

B1 - Black       -    22     -      -
R3 - Magenta     -     6     -      -
R4 - New Red     -     8     -      -

Now you will need a spray gun "rig" to use this type
of paint unless the particular store that you use has
the ability to "load" spray cans (some do, most

A quart of either acryllic or oil base runs under $12
at my local Sherwin-Williams store.

Glen, K9STH

--- Garey Barrell <k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:

I think someone posted a Sherwin-Williams formula, but
don't know who or where!

Glen, K9STH


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