Restoring 915 KC IF filter in BC-348Q

Wed Sep 12 12:17:35 EDT 2007

Greetings, admirers of secure maritime anchorages:

I have gotten attached to the "Q" after working on a heavily modded one for a friend. These are rather charismatic receivers. So I wanted one that was un-tampered. I lucked out and got one which even had the official Hallicrafters-manufactured drop-in AC adapter featuring a 28 V ac filament winding on the xfmr. 

Activities are going pretty well. I'm getting a moderate signal through it, and further progress seems likely. But I have hit a bump in trying to get the 915 KC IF crystal to come back to life. I would like to get that going so I can set the IF alignment to the exact crystal filter frequency. I have cleaned and scrubbed and done the stuff that is out there on the web, but no cigar. No activity in my test oscillator.

Does anyone know of a source of replacement unit for same? Is there a crystal "fixit" process I can follow? Would any facility or person be likely to work on the original unit? Can I get new guts for the original bakelite sandwich (with 2 throughbolts) crystal unit? Is a new presently-manufactured crystal at 915 KC available somehow? Or can some crystal company make one? Is there a question I have forgotten to ask about this topic?

I'm turning to the acknowledged gurus of heavy thermionic electrons for mystical guidance.

Ken Ketner
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