Heathkit SB-10 SSB Adapter Panel Meter

Malcolm Kent kentcomm at ROGERS.COM
Thu Sep 13 11:46:53 EDT 2007

Hi All
  Have a slightly used Heathkit SB-10 SSB Adapter panel meter. Its in good condition, works OK, a few slight scratches in the plastic cover which could be buffed out. 
  It has the word Heathkit in script black letters on a white meter background and "RELATIVE POWER OUTPUT" in larger capitals.
  The Meter is a Weston Model 1721 and high quality movement.
  If you don't want to use it in an SB-10 it would make a fine Field Strength Meter movement using a 1N34A , choke, capacitor and trimpot for sensitivity.
  Want $12.00. Its easily mailed. E-mail for photo.
  Mal  VA3MJ

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