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kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Wed Sep 19 18:01:19 EDT 2007

The FCC has the same standard of "legal" for all Ham
transmitters and amplifiers - the *Ham* is responsible
to assure that they always meet FCC regs for spectral

We all know that most Hams lack the knowledge and the
test gear to evaluate that but the FCC regs remain valid.

Most CB amps would never pass the FCC standard for spectral
purity even on 10 or 11 meters.

Sure, a Ham *can* run a CB amp and it is legal to power
it on and run it but if the FCC measures the signal and
discovers that it violates FCC standards then that Ham
will be cited for operating an amp that is illegally
polluting Ham spectrum.  One may plead ignorance but that
is tough since every Ham Exam for every Ham license includes
questions about responsibility for spectral purity.

We can Clinton-parse the words but at the end of the day
the best Ham practice is to make certain every transmitter
and amplifier we operate has been adjusted in whatever way
is necessary to prevent pollution of Ham spectrum.

It should not take the fear of FCC enforcement for us to
do the right thing, even if the right thing is difficult.

IMHO, YMMV ... :-)

 > RAY FRIESS wrote:
> Well of course .. that makes sense.  The purpose for which they were
> built was for 11 meters.  Any amp is illegal on 11 meters.   However,
> if you used them on the 80 to 10 meter bands, I don't think they
> would be illegal would they?
> It's like the Palomar 300 which uses six sweep tubes and puts out
> nearly 600 wattts.  Everyone knows the purpose they were built for,
> even though they have a bandswitch for 40 through 10.   Using one of
> those on 40 through 10 would not be illegal.  In fact, I have talked
> with hams who use them on those bands.  And, if you took the Palomar
> circuit diagram and built one from scratch, the is not illegal either
> is it?


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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