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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Sep 19 20:19:22 EDT 2007

What is this fixation on the Palomar 300?  I am not
"looking at" the schematic.  This particular amplifier
may just be one of the very few "CB" type amplifiers
that are of a decent design.  Frankly, I do not know!

However, the vast majority of "CB" type amplifiers are
deficient in their design.  They often lack input /
output filtering, a good number of them are not biased
properly, the tubes are often operated beyond the
published specifications, etc.

Even though a number of them "claim" to work on other
bands they usually will not.  The input and output
circuits are designed for the 27 MHz band and they
just will not work on any frequency that is removed
from the 27 MHz band by any appreciable amount.  Yes,
the 10 meter amateur band is often "close enough" for
the amplifier to amplify the signal (the spectural
purity usually being in question) but operating on any
of the "other" bands is often not possible (even
though the amplifier may "say" that it covers other

Now you are using a single example of the Palomar 300
as being representative of the hundreds of individual
models of the illegal "CB" amplifiers.  This is
definitely not a "typical" example.  I can honestly
say that I have no "clue" if this individual example
does meet the technical specifications of 47 CFR Part
97 Section 97.307.  If it does, then I have no
problems with it being used on various amateur radio
bands.  However, to use this single example as "proof"
that "all" such amplifiers meet the technical
specifications is not justified.  It is a simple truth
that the vast majority of "CB" type amplifiers do NOT
meet the technical specifications in terms of
spectural purity as required by the FCC regulations.

You can continue to base your assumptions on a single
example.  That is your choice.  But I cannot accept
this example as being representative of all "CB" type

Anyway, I can tell that you are fixated on a single
example of the Palomar 300.  As I said above, this
particular example may just be one of the few that are
satisfactory in their operation.  I just do not know. 
But, I cannot agree that just because a very few
examples do operate satisfactorily that all of them
do.  Such is just not true.

Glen, K9STH

--- RAY FRIESS <rayfrijr at> wrote:

And how would one go about "fixing" these units so
they could be used? Take a handbook design and rewire?
 Again, referring to the Palomar 300.  What components
does it lack that a handbook sweep tube amp has?

Glen, K9STH


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