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Thanks a lot Doc.  That's precisely the type of information I was looking for.
I used the Palomar 300 as an example because I have one and it is bandswitched for 40 through 10.  500 watts out of those sweep tubes would be a nice thing to have available, and if there is a way to "clean it up" a bit so it wont run afoul of the regs, that would also be nice to know.  I have also, at times, cast a wondering eye toward it while mulling over how badly it would have to be "butchered" or modified to cover 160 meters or even add 80 while removing 10.
Ray  wa7itz
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  Sorry that Glen got a little hot - I thought it was
  a useful conversation worth the back and forth.

  In my view what is missing is the tuned output circuit
  on the Ham bands.  From what I was taught that is where
  a tube amp kills off most of the parasitics.

  They also usually have poor bias control, if any, and
  thus are often overdriven into distortion and splatter.

  I remember driving toward Los Angeles in the 70's and
  having to turn off my CB (used car-to-car with non-Hams
  in the other car) because the overmodulated, distorting,
  splattering CB amps wiped out all 23 channels from miles

  I have just posted a solid state CB amp for Ham use.  I
  would never put one on the air without multiple mods
  because I know they would never come close to FCC regs.

  I have contacted Bry about the CB tube amps he has because
  some of the hard work for a homebrew amp is done - I would
  probably rewire for a single large tube and add a tuned
  output for Ham bands and then expect a clean amp.


   > RAY FRIESS wrote:
  > And how would one go about "fixing" these units so they could be
  > used? Take a handbook design and rewire?  Again, referring to the
  > Palomar 300.  What components does it lack that a handbook sweep tube
  > amp has?


  Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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