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Thu Sep 20 12:51:07 EDT 2007

New stuff for sale
I have posted some pictures of my HQ-129X and HQ-170. In general they 
are both in slightly better condition than the pictures show, but they 
both have enough problems to make any restorer busy for awhile. I 
researched the 129 on the web and I have not seen one with a plain 
aluminum panel, only painted, so maybe this one with the different knobs 
is rare and highly valuable as a collectors piece.  I know the lady that 
picks up my trash would think so, and I am hoping someone else also. The 
HQ-129 had the cord cut off, so I haven't "tested" it. The HQ-170 ,I was 
able to get a signal through with my signal generator, but very weakly, 
so I am not sure about that one, several IF cans were lifted, I guess by 
the former owner to check continuity and signal, it looks like someone 
needed the clock face, it is gone. The front panel lettering is not too 
bad, but there are some bare spots that need touching up.
  Several have commented on price so, I would  be glad to box both up 
and sell them for $300.00 FOB 78013, don't miss out on this one.
If all that were not enough, a rare vintage Motorola receiver followed 
me home from the last show. Not tested, but looks like it will fire up 
$35.00 FOB 78013
Lastly, I have very large switching power supply by Techtrol, Inc. 
Canada.  I have the data sheets on it. It has +5,+3.3,+12,-12,-5,+5 vdc 
outputs all times 3 units. All have fold back protection and the ripple 
is very low on all outputs the  max amps are in order 
56,36,19,8,2.4,.77. There is provision on the board for battery hookup. 
It was made in 1996 and looks brand new.  From the way it looks I think 
the outputs could be put in series, but not sure how much work it would 
entail since all units are in one metal frame, but hooked up by a 
motherboard on the bottom.All outputs are labeled and correspond with 
the data sheet.  $150.00, FOB 78013

Manuals for sale - add for $5.00 shipping- originals except as noted.
Bulk sales are negotiable, might trade for something that don't eat.
Heathkit  SB-102  as new w/lg schematics  $45.00
"      "        IM-17        SS               voltmeter     On Hold
""     ""      HWA-202-1 AC      power supply     $15.00
""     ""      AM-2          SWR meter 	       $10.00	
""     ""       UT-1    ps			        $10.00
""     ""       HS-24     mobile speaker 	$10.00
""     ""       HW-30   "twoer", I have some of these sets for 2,6 and 
10 and want to sell all of them including the manual.

USAF AN-08-10-209 (copy) and T.O.12R2-3BC-112 (original) 
BC-348-K-R/BC-224-F-H  Manuals nicely bound in a 3 ring binder $45.00

Ameriton AL-80A+AL-84 manuals , catalogs and accessory sheets. $35.00

RF-harris RF-301 manual (original) and parts list (copy) $75.00
""       ""       "The Producer" 4 channel mixer manual (nice copy)  $15.00

Kenwood TM-421+TM-221 instruction  manual  $35.00
""      ""     TH-25A-TH-45A      ""                "" (copy, but very 
good) $25.00

Yaesu       FT-101ZD  owners/service manual w/schematics  sold
""               FT-101E        ""             ""         "" 
      (copy)   $12.00
""  ""          Ft-5100 owners packet w/manual $35.00

B&W           5100   xmitter manual, complete (copy) 

Mosley        1990 antenna catalog  + data                         $10.00

Sylvania   Technical Manual(s) , ninth edition, 1st printing,  2 books- 
receiving +transmitting (1st book) , (2nd book) picture tubes and data 
appendix.  These are loose leaf ring  bound in the black stiff 
leatherette binding -
$95.00 for both.-- Lower price today only $75.00

Thanks for looking, will bring anything to the Belton TX hamfest 
(10/06/07) provided it is paid for first and will discount appropriately 
for not having to pack it up.
Tnx, George W5GRG,AFA4GG

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