Cracked coil Form Slugs Help!!!

WE0H we0h at YAHOO.COM
Mon Sep 24 00:31:12 EDT 2007

Hi Steve,

Well they are broken so may as well try gluing them back together. Get 
the core pieces out with heat and clean the wax off the surface where 
the glue goes and try your favorite glue. Super Glue will for sure put 
the pieces back together. Will it work once done? Maybe, but you have 
nothing to loose now. You can look up ferrite on some website or use 
Mini Ring Core Calculator software to show you what freq ranges the 
ferrite materials are recommended for. My guess would be type 43 ferrite 
as that works on HF well.


Steve wrote:
> All
> I am working on a Yaesu FLDX 400 transmitter and several of the hex slugs in
> several of the coils are cracked.  I am in big trouble now.  How does one go
> about removing them and then the bigger question might be how do I find
> replacements and what kind of material is the slug core???  Is there
> something else I can do besides finding a junker transmitter someplace of
> the exact model???  I am so close in getting this radio working 100% too.
> Yaesu put wax in all the cores and it sure is gummy stuff by the way and
> found that the only way to get it out is with heat from a hair dryer.
> Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
> Steve NU0P

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