Cracked coil Form Slugs Help!!!

WE0H we0h at YAHOO.COM
Mon Sep 24 02:02:27 EDT 2007

Hello Steve,

Here's an idea if you absolutely must have this radio functioning 100% 
like new. Figure out what core material the broken ones are. Buy some 
ferrite material possibly from one of the ferrite core manufacturers or 
just buy some big thick cores. Have a damn good machinist carve out new 
cores for your inductors out of the ferrite material you purchased. I 
don't see any reason ferrite could not be machined with the right 
tooling and machine. You will end up with custom machined cores for your 
inductors. The center hex shaped hole could be changed to something 
stronger as long as you kept the total ferrite mass the same as the 
original cores with the hex center holes.

Does this sound reasonable or like a crazy idea? I used to work for a 
shop that could make nearly anything when an original part was 
un-obtainable otherwise. Sure it costs money, but it sounds like you 
must have this radio back to original spec's. But first try finding a 
parts donor radio or something with same physical sized inductors that 
you could wind to your spec's needed in the design.


Steve wrote:
> Mike and All
> I have the coil form out now and it is easier to work on.  I have the feel
> that there are other cracked cores in this unit.  I had one input that said
> to use some white glue and glue a small dowel or sliver of wood in the hex
> hole and then it should back out.  Once out then glue with super glue.  We
> will know in the morning when it is dry but I am not giving it much hope.  I
> may need some spare cores to get the cores out of them if they can be found
> anywhere.  This is a FLDX400 so perhaps a dead FT-101 or FTDX400 series
> might have coils with the right cores in them.  These cores are white
> plastic tubing and have a square black area on the bottom where the leads
> are attached to, on the other end where they attach to the chassis they are
> the snap in variety.
> Steve NU0P

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