Any interest in some rather common tubes?

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Tue Sep 25 18:43:52 EDT 2007

I am sorting and organizing the basement and I am NOT going to keep many of the non-interesting tubes such as TV types, etc. Would anyone be interested in a box full of them?  I am thinking of just loading a USPS Priority Flat Rate box and sending the box to whomever might want to pay the cost (about $9.50 with PayPal fee included). No choice on tubes but they won't be too interesting - some in boxes, some not and all are untested. Come from a variety of sources - auctions, gifts from other hams who were downsizing, etc, etc. Tube types I've run across so far include:
6C5 (gen purpose audio amp triode)
6FS5 (TV RF amplifier)
2D21 (gas filled relay driver type)
Probably some old regulators such as a OC3
More, more, more!

There will be more!

Email me at <rgroh at> if you are interested. Otherwise it is going in the trash.


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