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David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Tue Apr 1 09:52:29 EDT 2008

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping unless 
noted. The $10 shipping is a flat rate box with a delivery confirmation 
  I will ship overseas.

Heathkit HD-1986 Microlizer with Manual...$50 plus shipping
This is a microphone equalizer. This was introduced by Heathkit in the 
mid 1980's. Includes a photocopy of the manual. I tested this with an 
EV-605 microphone and it is a working unit.

Hallicrafters HT-18 Project.........$75 plus shipping
This is a project as it is missing a few tubes and has the incorrect 
knobs. Cosmetically the unit is not bad. The shaft on the deviation 
control has been cut off. This is a single pole wafer switch so it 
should not behard to replace. I have verified that the power transformer 
is OK. I don't think it would take to much to get this going.

Heathkit HW-16 3 Band Transceiver..........$120 plus shipping
I have tested this and it works well. The receiver sounds great on 40 
and 80. I listened to the 9X0R and 5T5DC DXpeditions on 40 CW the night 
I had this on. 15 was dead but I could hear my signal generator. The 
transmitter output is 50 watts or better on a Bird wattmeter into a 
dummy load. The sidetone works and so does the break-in. The only 
electrical issue is that the on-off switch on the back of the volume 
control is not working and I soldered a jumper across the terminals. 
Until this is repaired, you need to plug the radio in to turn it on. 
This radio looks good cosmetically with a few scuffs and paint chips. 
Their are no dents or dings. All of the knobs are correct and their are 
no extra holes. All tubes have been tested and are all good including 
the 6GE5 final tube. Includes a manual on CD and I’ll throw in a spare 
6GE5 final tube.

Hallicrafters SX-43 Receiver with Manual....$165 plus shipping
The receiver works but would benefit from a restoration. I listened to 
signals on the AM broadcast band, WWV at 5, 10 and 15 MHz as well as 
signals on several short wave bands. I did not hear signals on the 
higher bands or on the FM band so I would assume it needs help. The 
s-meter works, the BFO and crystal filter work. Cosmetically, it has 
lots of scuffs and scratches as can be seen in the photos. It has all of 
the correct knobs. It does not have any dings, dents or extra holes. 
This is a a heavy receiver. Includes a photocopy of the manual.

Heathkit DX-60 Transmitter Original Manual...$20 shipped

UTC D4049 High Current Choke.............$55 plus $10 shipping (USA)
The specs are 10 henries at 325 mA. DC resistance is 100 ohms.

Bliley 100 KC Crystal - NOS, NIB.......$15 plus shipping
Bliley KV-3 100 kHz Crystal. This is NOS and new in the box.

Automate Dow-Key Clone Coaxial Relay......$25 plus shipping
Automate relay made by Automatic Metal Corp which looks identical if not 
more ruggedly built than a Dow-Key relay. This is a 6 VAC unit with Type 
"N" connectors. This unit works and is in excellent condition.

Large Transmitter Coil on Ceramic Form.......$20 plus $10 shipping (USA)
The dimensions are 8 inches long by 3.5 inches in diameter. Their are 
two coils within the inside of this coil that rotate and are adjusted by 
a shaft protruding through the coil. I have no idea what transmitter 
this might have come out of.

73 and thanks for looking.
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