Isotemp OCXO 127-10 ovenized 3.000 MHZ crystal oscillator

rick darwicki n6pe at YAHOO.COM
Tue Apr 8 22:31:06 EDT 2008

I just listed this is a homebrew project on eBay, finished electronically and lost interest in so no case.
The unit has a high stability Isotemp OCXO 127-10 ovenized 3.000 MHZ crystal oscillator, 4 - 74LS90N counters, 74LS00N gate and MPS 2222a output transistor configured to divide the 3 MHZ to 3 KHz markers, but you can rewire them to do whatever you want.
Regulated supplies for the 27 volt oven, 15 volt oscillator and 5 volt IC's
Built for the ARRL FMT but I can never copy the test well enough for it to be fun.
I also list a lot of small transformer in my eBay store and for auction. The garage needs to be cleaned out.

I have a lot of unlisted receiving tubes and antique radio parts for 1920-30s regens etc. Contact me direct if you have specific needs.
TNX, Rick N6PE

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