RCA AR-88 receiver on eBay

Tom Chesek tchesek at EPIX.NET
Tue Aug 26 18:08:10 EDT 2008


If it were me I would email copies of my pictures to the Blue Springs MO 
Police Department with my concern and copy the seller on my correspondance. 
It might be a long shot but what do you have to loose? I would also copy the 
pictures from the eBay listing so you have a record of what was posted. That 
eBay store might have received the item innocently but maybe the 
owner/seller isn't so innocent. You would think that AAjoeySALES would pull 
the listing until this issue is resolved. If I were him I wouldn't want to 
be in the middle of a possible theft claim.


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From: "Mike Langner" <mlangner at SWCP.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 5:42 PM
Subject: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] RCA AR-88 receiver on eBay

> Hello everyone !
> Earlier this year UPS "lost" an RCA-AR-88 receiver that I shipped.
> Strange -- the crate was found within a UPS facility with the screws
> unscrewed.
> Assuming this listserver will pass pictures, I've attached photos of the
> radio I shipped, with its odd assortment of wrong knobs and a mark in the
> center top of the front panel where a Dymo or similar label left some
> adhesive.
> The radio on eBay and the one that UPS "lost" appear to be the same radio.
> I cannot, and will not say that it is, since I cannot examine the eBay
> listed radio.
> According to the vendor, he cannot tell me where the radio came from "due 
> to
> a confidentiality agreement," but he assures me it was obtained properly. 
> I
> make no accusation.
> Still, the exact nature of the odd knobs and the mark on the front panel 
> are
> interesting !!
> If the pictures don't come through, I'll be happy to email them to anyone
> interested in looking at them.
> 73 !
> Mike/

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