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Don Roden donroden at HIWAAY.NET
Tue Aug 26 22:38:47 EDT 2008

I have several 4-400 pull-outs.  I can check them for zero bias resting 
current and RF out with a modified SB-220.
Ten cents per output watt... you specify minimum output required.


Parting out an RCA BTA-1.  Mod transformer, Power transformer, 
Coils/Capacitors / 4-400 sockets / meters  ... ect....ect.... 

What do you need ?


I have a nice Collins 20V-2 transmitter that uses a pair of 4-400s modulated 
by a pair of 4-400s.  The transmitter is clean and was doing 100% modulation @ 
1000 watts when pulled.

It's currently on 1230 Khz , but could be easily moved up to 160.
It has a sealed oil-filled Mod Transformer 
( not sure if that is original ).

Chrome and glass are all undamaged.  It has the original  instruction manual.

I also have a SB-220 that I converted to use as a 4-400 tube checker.   So I 
can show you the emmissions of each tube.

$1000 or trade for a used FT-950 
 in Huntsville, Alabama


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