AR-88 radio and its seller on eBay --

Richard Arland, K7SZ richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Wed Aug 27 14:11:41 EDT 2008

While my "beer for my horses" comment was a vain attempt at humor, I have to 
admit that the opinions and actions of this group is phenomenal! A far cry 
from some of the groups I have access to.

Good luck with this, Mike. I have "lost" only one boatanchor shipment: one 
to K6QQ, John Morarity, a few years ago. It was a nice old Technical 
Material Corp general coverage receiver. The USP store packed it and doubled 
boxed it for shipment. I will NEVER let them do that again! I learned a very 
good lesson. The receiver, by the way was a gift to John. I came by it from 
W3NQN, Ed Whetherhold, the 88mh torrid guy (many articles in QST and the 
ARRL HB). It was his for many years. Since that fateful shipment, I have 
boxed, packed and shipped all my own stuff and have never lost a radio in 
transit. Yeah, it takes extra time, but worth every bit of effort as the 
person who is the recipient has the right to receive a radio that is in the 
same shape as when it left my workbench.

On a similar note: I just sent a AN/PRC-64 (Spec Warfare 4 chnl QRP rig) to 
a former SAS operative in Australia for his SAS museum. He e-mailed me last 
night that "Sheila" (all my radios are female) arrived in good shape. THEN, 
he related that the markings on the radio set itself were from an Australian 
Royal Signals unit that he was attached to for three tours!! Additionally, 
the markings on the bag put this radio in another Royal Signals unit that he 
was also attached to during his career. Talk about a very, very small 
world!! "Sheila" will be on display as an interactive display at his museum, 
where people taking the tour can actually talk to someone (in the next room) 
using the 1W AM phone position into a dummy load!! Neat!

73 Rich K7SZ

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