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David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Thu Aug 28 11:10:08 EDT 2008

Ebay has definitely become impossible and appears to be in a death 
spiral caused by the new CEO John Donahoe who took over in March. He 
worked for Bain in the past which is a company that send's it's people 
in to "fix" and restructure other companies i.e layoff, sell-off, etc. 
Mitt Romney is another from Bain and that was how he made his fortune. 
The company I was laid off from in 2001 (a spin off of Motorola 
Semiconductor) was also was also "worked over by people from Bain.

Here are some sites to look at with regards to what is going
on with news with ebay.





Not related to the above but very useful.

To look at a person's negative/neutral feedback only without having to 
dig through all feedback, use this link


Ebay is driving off sellers to turn it into an Amazon. John Donahoe said 
back earlier this year that small sellers were "noise". Every price 
reduction they have announced has resulted in higher fees. They news 
stories tout lower listing fees but never mention that the final value 
fees have increased significantly.

As of this year, the site is full of glitches and things do not work. 
Changes have been put in place without telling anyone and they don't 
always work.

My biggest issue is the "forced paypal" which is coming in October. I 
have never trusted paypal after all of the horror stories I have heard. 
Money orders, cashier's check and personal checks have worked fine for 
me for 10 years.

They tried to force paypal only on the Australian Sellers a few months 
ago. The Aussies took it to their government and ebay lost big time.

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