Gotta get more room, Heavy BA stuff for sale

Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Sun Dec 7 22:23:00 EST 2008

Greetings, everyone.


I need to get some shelf room in the basement. The following is for sale. I
prefer pickup in North Logan, Utah, for obvious reasons and the prices shown
are for pickup only. I will negotiate shipping if you really want to! I'll
also consider offers if you find these unreasonable.


Tektronix 575 Semiconductor Curve Tracer - working as of 2 years ago. $250


Tektronix Type 533A oscilloscope, very clean, working. $100 dollars.


Tektronix Type 551 dual beam oscilloscope. This is the one with two guns in
the CRT and two independent sweep channels. Has an external "HEAVY" power
supply. Pretty much cream of the crop for tube oscilloscope fans. $150


I have one scope cart. First Tektronix gear spoken for will get the cart


R390 Receiver. (Yes it's a 390, not a 390A). Dirty, and does not work. I
heard control noise, but could not get a RF signal though it. Really needs
to be gone through, connectors checked, etc. $250 dollars.


I will consider trades.

I'm looking for the following:

National HRO 5 with at least broadcast band coils up to ~14 MHz. With power

Low frequency HRO-7 coils. I have broadcast up to 30 MHz now.

National 1-10 Receiver with all coils.

Hallicrafters S36 VHF receiver. (I have a S27, not interested in one of

Or any other "interesting" boatanchor gear, what you got you're tired of?




Wally Gibbons, WB7ASQ

North Logan, Utah


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