Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Mon Dec 15 07:07:34 EST 2008

Bob Moulton wrote:
> I am finally getting around to fixing up a Heathkit BE-5 Battery Eliminator that
> I bought a number of years ago. Given recent events, it's also fortunate that I
> found an original copy of the manual at the same time. I once saw a site that
> had a rewire of this unit using a bridge rectifier to replace the original
> selenium rectifiers. Unfortunately, this was bookmarked on the last computer
> and the bookmarks didn't make the transfer. Anyone know of this site or have an
> idea of how this was done?

Well, if I had access to an electronic copy of the manual for the BE-5,
I could have redesigned the circuit for you with a modern, off-the-shelf,
silicon, bridge-rectifier module that would be electrically and mechanically
compatible with the existing components .  However........

Jim, K7JEB

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