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---- LEON WENDLER <electronicparts2002 at YAHOO.COM> wrote: 
> in reponse to post about heathkit be-5 schematic
> ..."...the president of data pro told me he wants to back up the heathkit & ham commuity, he offered to let bama leave schematics there but i see none so i guess they don't want to be bothered ?"


You really need to chill out a bit on this topic. Both Ken and the owner of Datapro are hams and nice guys to boot.

Ken @ BAMA does not generate the documents that are hosted at BAMA. They're scanned in by people like you and me, and Ken graciously provides the hosting and care and feeding of the site.  If you'd like to scan all your schematics and send them to Ken, in due time he'll post them, I suspect. Remember that this is done as a public service, so it's probably not appropriate to take anymore shots at him, like "he can't be bothered...".  

Since the documents are hosted on an educational site, it's somewhat amazing that they're allowed to be there at all, given the high bandwidth they require.  Collins earlier requested their documents be removed, and they were. The Collins Collector Association worked with the company to allow them to be hosted at the CCA site. 

Hosting copyrighted documents on a public site is tricky stuff.  I know the Hallicrafters company (and name) are still owned.  The owner had a disagreement with the Hallicrafters Collector  management some years back , resulting in them losing their web domain, as I recall.   

I'm very grateful for Ken hosting the info @ BAMA.   Most of the CD's you seen pimped on EBAY full of docs are merely downloads from BAMA or its mirror site.

John K5MO

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