[Boatanchors] Ebay Laugh of the Day

Perry Ballinger w8au at SSSNET.COM
Tue Dec 16 17:51:06 EST 2008

At 02:15 PM 12/16/2008, Ron wrote:
>My point here is that this "Super,,,, one of a kind ,,,, really 
>really rare..... Viking " offered for sale by the radio slime of the 
>auction site actually has the VFO built in.   Obviously a custom job 
>but did E.F. Johnson do it or Sam the Ham?

Where's the vfo?  The dial in the center is the final tuning 
dial.  The VFO/Xtal
arrangement is just crystal switch with a VFO input position.

And this job was done by some previous owner, not EFJ.  Nice job, but
the 3 inch meters on top could have been matched better...


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