I hope the FT-200/FT-250/Henry Tempo One is boatanchor enough for me to ask a VFO question !

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Wed Dec 24 19:25:30 EST 2008

Hello everyone !

I'm repairing/restoring this old transceiver for a friend of mine who is
studying for his ticket and should get it in January, assuming he passes the

Question for the collective wisdom of this great group!

The dial calibration (VFO oscillator) is about 5 kHz off.  The manual says
to adjust trimmer TC 401 and to steer clear of TC 402 -- TC402 changes
temperature compensation.

The manual does not indicate which of the VFO trimmer condensers is which --
it appears that a paper label at one time may have indicated which one is
which, but the printing on it faded many years ago.

As viewed from in front of the radio, there is a trimmer on the left of the
VFO shaft and one to the right of the VFO shaft -- the one on the right as
viewed from standing in front of the radio has some red paint on the
screwdriver adjustment shaft-top.

Could anyone please tell me which one is the one (TC 401) to use to put the
VFO back into calibration?

Also -- I understand from some web sites that the grid coupling condenser to
the final is under-rated, and that a higher voltage unit is recommended.
Any other suggestions so that this prospective new ham will not experience
the "smoke test" early in his experience with Amateur Radio?

Many, many thanks, and have a great Holiday season and a wonderful,
nostalgic New Year with our great old radios that glow in the dark!!


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