B-24 last Thursday night on 75 & 160m AM

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Feb 24 09:30:46 EST 2008

What a pity we didn't get the word out about this to the regulars on 
3880 and 1985 kHz on Thursday night! They could have been 
persuaded to stand by and listen for the AM station aboard the B-

Did any of you work him???

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KD4E writes - regarding Thursday Night special AM station:

If they are active right now they are getting clobbered
here by QSOs on both 3880 and 3885.

I only have my Sony ICF-SW7600G portable receiver until
the repaired Kenwood TS-120S arrives in a couple of weeks.

I also only have half a dipole as a damaged tree had to
be taken down and half the dipole had to be dropped to
prevent it from being destroyed - need to try to get it
back up tomorrow - will be the first try using a wrist-
rocket tennis ball launcher instead of bow & arrow or
tossing a giant nut & bolt!

Meanwhile will keep listening and may find a sliver of
spectrum that they slip through.

Please post where and when you hear them!

> I recently got word that part of the restoration of a WWII B-24 bomber 
> over in New Smyerna Beach will (hopefully) involve a
> flight test along with being on the air /Aeronautical Mobile.  They
> would like to have contacts on AM as well as SWL reports (to Steve -- 
> swkb4dmf at alltel.net
> They will be using the original radio setup in the bomber, i.e.,
> BC-375 xmtr, BC-348 rcvr, ARC-5 command sets.
> Tests will be on AM, tonight 1700 to 2200 EST (more likely
> around 1900 - 2200). Freqs will be 3880 & 1985 khz. -- personally, using 
> the fixed antenna (nose to top of tail) I wouldn't expect too much out 
> of 160m.
> Give a listen if you can't work them and send in a SWL
> 73
> Walt (N4GL)

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