RF Ammeter Help

J Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sun Feb 24 15:45:47 EST 2008

Some RF ammeters need an external thermocouple assembly. Look at the writing on the meter face. Also, try a VOM's ohmmeter. If the meter kicks, you need a TC.

If an external TC is not needed, you can usually apply DC current to see if it's working. Start very low, in case the TC is not indicated on the face. See above.

If you in fact have a ot wire RF ammeter, you may well need an RF current transformer,  otherwise the meter guts will be at antenna voltage.

Is this from a BC-442 type surplus unit?



You can see if you need a shunt

Chris wrote:

> Hello To the Group
>  I have a GE RF ammeter which reads 0-5 amps...I am wanting to use this inline in front of my Tuner so I an monitor the RF output to my antenna, My question is do I need to use any type of Shunt resistor on the meter or can I just put a pair of SO-239 connectors on the meter and start using it...Please let me know what I need to do to use the meter as I am wanting to...Thanks so much for your help...Chris

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