FS: Bunch of HC6U Crystals for 11m

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Jan 5 08:26:01 EST 2008

FOR SALE:  Twenty HC6U Crystals for 11m
as used in the good old tube radios.

Channel 12 receive
Channel 13 receive
Channel 14 receive
Channel 16 receive
Channel 23 receive
26.610 MHz Receive
26.620 MHz receive

26.965 MHz Transmit (CH1 ?)
Channel 4 transmit
Channel 9 transmit
27.0625 MHz transmit
27.0650 MHz transmit
Channel 11 transmit
Channel 12 transmit
Channel 13 transmit
Channel 14 transmit (x2)
Channel 16 transmit
Channel 17 transmit
Channel 23 transmit

There are about twenty of these. If I find a few more 
I will include them.

Will sell the lot for $50.00 plus shipping.

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