FS: Another stack of Ham Manuals and Lit.

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Jan 6 17:57:45 EST 2008

A number of ham radio manuals and literature.
About 36 items altogether... some new some used, 
some repro (R) but all in great shape.

E.F. Johnson 11 meter Matchbox
E.F. Johnson 250-20
Harvey Wells Bandmaster TBS50-B-C-D
Heathkit AG-9A
Heathkit HWA-202-10
Heathkit IMA-100-11 H.V. Probe
Astatic T-UG8/D104
QSK-5 T-R Switch (R)
Shure 444D microphone
Hallicrafters HT41 Linear (R)
Hallicrafters TO-Keyer (R)
HyGain BN-86 Balun
Kenwood VFO520S schematic (R)
Icom IC746 Setup and Connections (R)
Palomar Engineers 1980 Catalog
Labgear 160 Twin Transmitter
MFJ 204B Bridge
MFJ-160-10 Tuner
MIdland 13-520 HT
Alinco DR-110 / DR-112 (R)
Standard Communications 19-4 Antenna
TenTec 1140 / 1170
EICO HF-86 amplifier (SAMS)
TEI 19-4 Transistor Checker
Archerotor Antenna rotator 15-1225
PDC 550 / 650
Cushcraft AR2 / AR220 / AR450 Antenna 
Cushcraft A-148-20S Antenna 
Cushcraft AR-270 Antenna
Cushcraft AR-270B Antenna
Cushcraft A449-11 Antenna
Cushcraft A220-11 Antenna
Cushcraft A-147-11 Antenna
Cushcraft A449-11SAntenna
Cushcraft A430-11S Antenna
Cushcraft ARX-450B Antenna

Will sell all 36 manuals for a total of $39.00 plus shipping

73 - Bry, AF4K

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