Radios for trade/swap

Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Sun Jan 13 16:07:07 EST 2008


I've got an itch to play with a couple of radios I don't own, and have a
couple I no longer have much interest in.


Here's what I am looking for, in good unmodified condition:


RBB .5-4 Mhz military receiver.

RAK VLF receiver.

National 1-10 super-regenerative receiver with all coils.


Here's what I have that I'll part with to scratch my itch:

Hammarlund HQ-170, working, some discoloration of dials where they were left
in the "windows". Working.

R-390A. Complete, but no reception in a brief test. Complete, but no covers.


If you're interested in working a trade, email me, and we can exchange
pictures, agree on terms, etc.


wallyg at


Here's hoping,


Wally Gibbons


North Logan, Utah

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