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Sat Jul 5 10:54:32 EDT 2008

Meters For Sale:

Simpson Elapsed Time Meter 
This elapsed time meter will measure the total time that 
a piece of equipment has been turned on. It is designed 
for 115 V AC, 60 hertz. It is ideal for equipment such as 
a linear amplifier, or any other equipment where the time 
that it has been used is important.
This particular meter is still in its original box, having never 
been used. Of course it reads 00000.0 hours. All the 
hardware is with it as well. It is a round meter, about 3.5 
inches in diameter, and mounts with 3 screws. A template 
for mounting is also included in the box.  $20 

General Electric Edgewise DC ammeter
0-100 ma scale - Edgewise meter with scale 5+ inches 
long and 1.7 inches high - White scale, w/ silver/gray mounting
About 6 inches deep. This is a very nice meter that can be 
read across the room. Of course it can have a shunt added 
for additional ranges. $ 30

LabVolt AC ammeter
0-1 amp scale - 4 inch square meter - New, unused - $18

LabVolt DC ammeter
0-1 amp scale - 4 inch square meter - New, unused - $18

DC voltmeter has 3 scales on it -- 5, 10, and 25 volts. 
It says it is a Niehoff Voltmeter, Chicago, Model T-2.
It looks like 1930s vintage, and is in very nice shape. $28

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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