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Actually, I have all the materials already on hand including plastic, fiberboard, and so forth.  I already make quite a number of items for "boat anchor" equipment including dials, interconnect cable kits, and so forth.  Now I definitely charge for my time when doing things like repairing/restoring equipment.  However, I also like trying "new" things, for the simple pleasure of trying them.  As such, I have no qualms about making my own.

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My time is worth something. If we were talking $80-100 for a plastic dial cover, than it might be worth attempting to do this myself. I would prefer to spend $20 to have someone else do this than spend 4-5 hours or what ever it will take to do something that you might need to make every 1-3 years. The time can be better spent restoring the electronics of the radio.
Additionally, since this guy does this all of the time, the end results will probably be much better.
If you choose to spend 4-5 hours to save $15-20, that is your business. By the time you drive to the hobby shop and get the materials, etc, you will have spent the $20 on gasoline and materials.
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