Tempe List server restart notice

Kelley, Dave Dave_Kelley at TEMPE.GOV
Tue Jun 10 18:41:53 EDT 2008



The Tempe list server should be back up and available Wednesday morning
(6/10/08) by 9 AM Arizona time.  We will follow-up with a second message
when it's up and running.


NOTICE: There is a change in the list server's address.  To post you
will need to adjust the address you send to.  If you have the address in
your email address book take a moment to change it mow.


The old address was listname at listserv.tempe.gov with 'listname' being
the name of your list instead.


The NEW address will be listname at lists.tempe.gov


For example, if you posted to the Heath list the new address would be
heath at lists.tempe.gov


Enjoy and sorry for the week long delay.  A LOT of work had to be done
to get things back to normal thanks to our friendly neighborhood


Dave Kelley

City of Tempe



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