George Runyan wb6yec at COX.NET
Wed Mar 5 00:52:31 EST 2008

Dear List,


I am in need of a 3.5 mc slug tuned coil. It is for the multiplier plate on
a Viking 500. It would be awesome to find the exact replacement, but that
might be slim pickens.


I would be happy if some had a 3.5 mc coil out of a receiver. It needs to be
about 3/8 inch diameter with a clip that snaps into the chassis so I can
tune it from the top.


If I cannot find the ideal coil then any 3.5 slug tuned would work. Any help
out there in some ones junk box?


BY the way, the other day I needed the multi meter for the 500. I had a
Johnson meter in my own stock. I changed the face plate and was in business.


Thanks ahead of time. Please answer off the reflector to my e-mail of
wb6yec at 





I am going out of town tomorrow and may not get back to any that respond
until next Tuesday.

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