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You're right, Bry, the dollar just ain't what she used to be.  Actually the
price has not changed over the years.  Back in the early 50's when QST first
published the article on this xmiter and pwr supply you could order the
parts from Allied Radio.  The pwr supply could be built for less than $10.00
and the xmiter parts would be less than $6.00.  Handling and shipping would
be less than $2.00.  Orange crate, sucker sticks, nails and bell wire were
usually on hand, or could be easily be scrounged.  Ask me how I know.

It's called inflation.  Back then the middle-class wage was around $2.00 per
hour.  You could buy a new Chevy 1/2 ton pickup for around $1250 (6
cylinder, standard transmission and stripped with no extras such as radio
and heater).  Coca Cola, Pepsi, RC etc were 5-cents with a penny deposit on
the bottle if you took it with you.  Gas priced varied greatly, but averaged
around 25-cents per gallon.

If you have a problem justifying the price of a radio today and long for the
prices back in "the good old days" just remember that you would have had the
same problem back then.  Nothing has changed...except our perception of the
value of a dollar.

Jim N5MSJ 

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OK let's see you sell one cheaper that is just as good, smarty!

>I have to say this is the biggest joke I have ever seen, The hand full of 
> parts they give are things that all of us have in our Junk Boxes, the
> Supply sells for $109 + shipping and the Transmitter for $60 + shipping
> he is trying to see you the Xstal at an extra charge, Boy I sure hope that

> guy can sleep at night...Chris

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