Turbocharged Excellence

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Thu Mar 13 12:23:27 EDT 2008

Todd, KA1KAQ, wrote in part:
> Which gets to the more annoying point: someone else deciding and
> telling you what you 'need'. Amateur radio in general isn't really a
> case of 'need' so much as 'want' and 'enjoy'. Some people really enjoy
> CW still, but they don't 'need' to use it.

Now Todd, you should respect the counsel of your betters
and follow their guidance without question (or impudent
backtalk, such as the above).  Aristocratic direction of the
slobbering masses has been a vital part of Amateur Radio
since The League was founded in the opening decades of
the 20th century by the wealthy and bored scions of New
England industrial nobility.

By The Way, Todd, OM, I notice that you have not achieved
to your maximum potential in the area of license class.  You
really *must* upgrade to Extra at the first opportunity.
And while you are at it, please get rid of that unsightly
2x3 callsign.  The best of the best naturally hold 1x2
calls and obtaining one should be a top priority for you,
along with 5BDXCC and a WAS on 10 GHz moonbounce.
I'm sure you will thank me later for my leadership in
giving you this encouraging nudge towards excellence in our
chosen avocation.

<tongue firmly in cheek>
Jim Bromley, K7JEB

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