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VFOs in the DX100 and DX100B were always "drifty" by TODAY'S standards.
However, in their heyday, the were just fine and no one took much notice because with AM operation, a small amount of drift was not noticed that much and was expected.  And with CW, you just retuned your receiver slightly if you noticed the drift.
Therefore, Bob could be entirely correct in rating his 100B as a 9.5.  It could
very well be working in top notch form, as good as it did during the the years the model was widely used.  In my book, that would make it a 9.5.
NOW, if youre going to use today's standards and apply them to rigs of the 50s, 60s and early 70s ... then NOTHING from then will ever meet your standards and nothing would ever come up over a 5, if even that high.
What you are doing is like trying to apply today's automobile standards to a 1960 Corvette and saying the fully restored Corvette could never be more than a 5 because it doesn’t meet the same emission standards and gasoline mileage standards that a 2008 Corvette meets.
It's apples and oranges ...  Standards for when gasoline sold for 50 cents a gallon compared to standards for today when gasoline sells for 3 dollars and more a gallon.  Yet, the 1960 Corvette, restored, STILL sells for 40 and 50 thousand dollars each, and STILL only gets 6 or 7 miles a gallon.

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  I was thinking the same thing. It's a 9.5 but does not work right! Lets 
  see that makes it a 5 on my scale.

  Meir-WF2U wrote:
  > How can be that DX-100B in fantastic condition when the VFO is described as
  > "drifty"? Those Heath VFO's if working correctly and after a warm-up period
  > are among the least drifty VFO's in classic rigs. 
  > If the VFO is drifty, maybe a repair would be in order first before
  > declaring that the rig is in fantastic condition... Maybe cosmetically but
  > surely not electronically.
  > 73, Meir WF2U
  > Landrum, SC
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  > Subject: DX100B
  > .... I have FOR SALE a DX-100B in fantastic condition. On a 10
  > scale it is a 9.5 at least. Has PTT, Full output, Modulation has been
  > checked on an AM Mod monitor and it will modulate at 100% without
  > negative peaks. I got this transmitter about 3 years ago from Jeff W0XV.
  > I will supply 3 Xtals with it a 3,880,85 and 90. The VFO is drifty so I
  > always use xtals." It can be shipped but would prefer a pick up in
  > Mesquite,TX. I will drive and meet up to 100 Miles. A picture can be
  > seen on my website www.w1pe.com<about:blank> or on QRZ. Yell at me off line at
  > rwpeters at swbell.net<about:blank> or at 972-288-9911 before 2130 CDT. Price is $400.00
  > FIRM and well worth it. It has been operated daily.
  > Very Best 73's
  > Bob W1PE
  > The Voice of Mesquite
  > www.w1pe.com<about:blank>

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